Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm taking Chantix to quit smoking. I've heard plenty of different reviews on it that greatly vary. Our family doctor is very much into homeopathic remedies and isn't much into giving out antibiotics and such. However, she strongly recommended I take this to quit smoking. I asked her about it yesterday and she all but begged me to try it. Today is the first day. I've only had a couple of cigarettes and normally by now I would've smoked a half of a pack. I don't feel any side effects yet and I don't feel strong cravings for a smoke. Weird.

I swear, if one more person tells me it's stupid and it won't help, I'm gonna slap them.

Anyway - wish me luck. I really want to do this.


mrsNo said...

i have no idea what chantix is, but good luck!! <3

Good for the Kids said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll feel much better once you're done. All the best!