Tuesday, September 4, 2007

She's Not A Baby Anymore...

Today was so emotional for me. Katelyn was so excited on the way to school.
Once we got there she was a little shy.

She clung to my leg for a few minutes but once Gwen got there she was ok. Gwen's mom is Ashley - a friend of mine that I went to preschool with!!! It's so awesome that our girls are now in the same class just like we were. I love it! Anyway - once Gwen got there she was off and running and yelled, "See ya mom! Love ya!!"

Kate is on the right..Gwen is in the blue on the left.

I held in the tears until I got to my car. Then I was a bawling mess!! It was a mixture of emotions. I was so excited for Katelyn because I know this will be wonderful for her. But I was also overwhelmed with feelings of sadness because my baby is growing up. Me and Kate have been through a lot together in the last 4 years and I am so damn proud of her...I just can't explain it.

When I picked her up she was SO excited to see me and tell me all about it. Again, it brought tears to my eyes.


mrsNo said...

awww!! i'm so glad she had a good first day!! <3

Mel said...

Awww..they grow so fast huh?
Noah starts j/k next tuesday! Nick started grade 2 today..I feel so ooooooold :P
Kate is adorable..pretty like her mommy