Thursday, September 6, 2007

On Co-Parenting.

I often wonder if it's really possible to "co-parent". Brian and I have been split up for most of Katelyn's 4 years on this earth. I've always been the responsible parent. The one that takes care of everything financially for her. The one that takes her to the doctor and cares for her when she's sick. I obviously wouldn't have it any other way. However, when he has her - I want him to be responsible. I want him to be a good parent and care for her like I do. I realize that is not going to happen but if he could at least use common sense it wouldn't be so damn hard.

He had to work on Tuesday so he couldn't come to her first day at school. This morning I had to meet him at the school and he walked in with me and Katelyn. I had to show him where her class was and where to pick her up. He didn't even want to meet the teacher. I introduced him to her and he hardly said a word. He didn't ask any questions. He was ready to go. I realize he probably knows that I have it under control but if I was in his shoes I'd still want to ask questions...and actually get to know the woman that would be teaching my child!

I told him at least 10 times that school lets out at 11 and he needed to be there on time to pick her up. He called me at 11:05 and said, "I should be there at 11:30, right?" I panicked. He hadn't even left his house yet! Luckily, the school has a daycare and any kids that aren't picked up go over to the daycare until their parents get there. BUT - I told Katelyn daddy would pick her up right after school. AND - I didn't pack a lunch because she wasn't staying all day. And I didn't send money because I didn't think she'd be there for lunch!

So he gets there and she's eating lunch with the daycare kids. They let her eat free today. Thank GOD! But I feel like an ASS because I didn't send a lunch or money and they probably think I'm an idiot!

Brian just doesn't get it. He's so irresponsible. I don't think he even has that parental instinct you should have as a parent.



mrsNo said...

he sounds like a lot of parents we have in our daycare. unfortunately, BOTH parents can be like that :/

katelyn is lucky she has you <3 said...

Co-parenting is tough even when the couple is married. One parent is usually the more involved by default- and when the other parent is more or less... um, well, you know, Brian... co-parenting isn't possible.

Good for the Kids said...

I feel for you. My BFF is going through the same thing with her 2yo son, and it's only getting worse.
Keep writing - we're all here for support!