Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The End.

I've been giving myself pep talks for over a week. I knew that filing for divorce was going to be tough. I knew that I had to get over my fear my what my husband might do, but I didn't know how. I hardly slept last night. I must have fell asleep around 2 am and I woke up at 5:30 to him rubbing all over me. It disgusted me and it took everything in me not to throw up. Normally, I would give in just for the sake of avoiding a fight. I would lay there and basically let him do what he wanted with me and cry until it was over. Today I decided, I wasn't going to give him that pleasure.

I told him to get off of me and I got up and took a shower. I don't know how I don't have third degree burns...I had the water as hot as I could and I cried the whole 10 minutes I was in the shower. I guess I was subconsciously trying to rid myself of his fingerprints. I knew that today was the day he would have to leave our house. I knew that today was the last time he would be able to humiliate me like that. He will never be able to take my pride from me again.

I got myself ready for work while he went and did his "business" in the bathroom. I wanted to vomit the whole time. Me and the kids walked out the door in which he followed to tell the kids goodbye and tell me, "I love you." I said, "I love you too" and it made me sick. I do love him, but I'm not in love with him. I'm in love with the man I married and that is not who he is now.

He thought I went to work. Really I took the kids to the baby sitter's house like usual, and I went straight to my attorney's office. As I sat there filling out tons of paperwork and giving them all of this personal information, I couldn't help but wonder why. Why did it turn out this way? Why did he do this to me? Why do I choose men like this? Why did I do this to my kids? There are so many questions, and not a single answer.

After the attorney's office, I had to go over the courthouse to get an ex parte(restraining order). I filled out more paperwork and was then told that the judge actually wanted to speak with me. That rarely happens. They usually just sign it and don't talk to you until the court date. I went into his office and nearly fainted because I was so nervous. The judge didn't say a single word for what seemed like forever but in reality it was only a minute or two. He was staring at me and he finally said, "I'm going to sign this order of protection. I'm giving you temporary custody of your son. He doesn't get any visitation. I can see in your eyes that you are terrified of this man." He signed it and sent me on my way. That was all that was said in that office...well except for me telling him, "Thank you your honor. I appreciate this more than words can say."

Once the order was signed I had to go back to St. Clair. The courthouse is in the next town over (Union). But a St. Clair police officer had to accompany the Franklin County Sherriff to serve him with the papers since we live there. I met them at the police station and they said, "We'll be back in a few to let you know he's out of the house." They called it a "kick out". The term was thrown around so loosely like it's no big deal. My stomach was in knots while I waited for them to get back.

Once they said it was ok to go home, I picked up Robert and brought him with me because I was still scared. He changed the locks for me and I sat in the living room floor and cried. It's so hard...I know I need to be away from him. I don't want to be with him. But I'm mourning the ending of my marriage. It's like losing a loved one to a bad car accident.

He hasn't tried to contact me that I know of. Of course I've had several unknown calls on my cell that I am betting are him, but I can't prove it. His dad stopped by to pick up Allen's clothes and toys. That was hard. I am not even ready to write about that. Luke picked Allen up from Rosann's. I got there about an hour before he did so I got a chance to say goodbye. I took Allen outside and just hugged him for a long time. I can't do this...nevermind. I'm just not ready to write about that.

Anyway - I cheated tonight and took the kids to McDonald's. I bought myself a meal but couldn't eat it. I talked to Katelyn and explained to her that Luke and Allen are gonna go live somewhere else now. I explained that sometimes things just don't work out and this is what's best for all of us. She responded with, "Are you breaking up with him mommy?!" I sat there stunned and finally just said, "Yes that's pretty much what is happening." I explained that she'll get to play with Allen at Rosann's as long as Luke keeps taking him there. She didn't honestly seem to affected...but give it a week or two. She'll have tons of questions.

I am beyond exhausted. My eyes hurt from crying. My heart feels heavy tonight.

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Travis Erwin said...

I can't imagine what this must feel like.

Again, I wish you the best in getting out of what msut have been a bad situation for it to affect you so deeply.