Sunday, November 4, 2007

Looking Up.

Things are about to change for the better.

My parents are going to pay for the attorney so I can file for divorce. Finances were the only thing holding me back. They are also going to loan me the money for first month's rent and a deposit on an apartment in St. Louis. I need to move back home. Being an hour and a half away from work and my family is too much. I need to cut down the commute and be near the people who love and care about me.

Things are looking up and I am so grateful for that.


Rob said...

An hour and half commute! OMG that is terrible! I wondered about that... Once you mentioned you worked in STL but your profile says St. Clair. Now I get it!

Yeah, moving to STL ought to give you an extra two hours a day with your family!

I told ya things would get better! ;)

Hey, is scumbag going to contest the divorce? One thing the ex and I did right was we agreed we were not going to give all our money to the lawyers. We used these guys...

Just fill out all of your info right online then when you are done they print out all the completed forms for your county/state and send them to you along with step by step instructions on how to file them with the court.

It was easy and it saved HUGE money.

Now, if scum boy is going to fight then it wont work. But if you guys can work out your own details then it's GREAT.

Rob said...

PS, I hope you don't mind me calling him names. :(

I'll quit anyway, it's not right but no offense intended to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh how exciting!

I'm actually looking to move that way as well :)