Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Lately, everyday has been a test of my strength or faith. I'm trying to be stronger than I am. I'm trying to make sure that my kids live a normal life no matter what is going on. I'm trying to be the best at my job (currently the only thing I seem to be succeeding at). I'm trying to just live day to day. I'm hoping and praying that each choice I make is the right one. I'm so incredibly scared of failing. I'm scared of not coming out on top when this is all over with. I know I can get through this, it's just really fucking difficult.


Rob said...

Ok, take a slow deep breath.

A little fear can help you. It can bring things into focus and a little adrenaline can sharpen your judgment.

However too much fear will cloud your mind, it will make small problems seem worse and it can stress you out and exhaust you leading to poor decisions and even more fear thus leading you into a self reinforcing cycle of draining fear.

So, just take a deep breath and remember it's not that bad! It will be OK.

Anonymous said...

Rob said it perfectly.

Good luck with everything.