Thursday, November 1, 2007

Katelyn...On God.

Last night after trick or treating an interesting conversation happened in my car....

Katelyn: Mommy, where is god?
Me: Well, he's way up in the sky, in heaven.
Katelyn: What's he doing up there?
Me: He's watching over all the people in the world.
Katelyn: Why?
Me: Because that's his job.
Katelyn: God has a job? Isn't he a little busy to have a job?

Me: Well, he is a pretty busy guy with lots of jobs.
Katelyn: Was he watching over our Robert when he had his crash? Is that why Robert is ok?

Me: Yes baby. God decided that he wasn't ready for Robert to come up to heaven. He decided to let us keep him a little while longer.
Katelyn: Wow. God is super cool like you mom. But I still think you are way better.

We talk about God a lot and I'm glad that she asks questions. But, that was really tough for me, because she's just so young to be asking questions like that. It's interesting how perceptive kids are. Happy November everyone.


Manic Mom said...

Awww, it's so good that you openly talk about this kind of thing with her. It'll be so easy for her to talk to you when she gets older!!

Travis Erwin said...

Yeah they definitely pick up on things you would never think they would.

It is funny how their questions can make me stop and think as well.

Which is one fo the reasons I kind of feel sorry for those who choose not to have children.