Monday, October 8, 2007

Bad Weekend.

My 26th birthday is now considered the very worst birthday I've had in my entire life. I'm not going to get into what happened because honestly, I don't need to hear about it from anyone. I was barely able to tell Chantele on the phone because I was just so embarrased of what is happening to me...but anyway...whatever. It was awful. It ended horribly too. I went to bed at 9 and was woke up to someone banging on my door at 10. It was Luke's dad. He had blood all over him and he was beat up BAD. Apparently my brother was in town this weekend...and he was at the bar with my dad. Most of you know that my dad and Luke's dad do not get along. Melvin is a prick and he is constantly saying stupid shit and getting drunk and acting like an asshole. Apparently my brother (the only sober one!) got tired of Melvin running his mouth. He walked over to him at the bar and said, "Look man, enough is enough. You don't like my dad and that's fine. Just ignore eachother and let everyone have a good time tonight." Melvin didn't like that so he told my brother to meet him outside. Matt did just that and Melvin punched him in the face and gave Matt a bloody nose. My brother doesn't take shit from ANYONE so he hauled off and beat the shit out of Melvin.
Now, I'm not mad at my brother, I just wish he would've kept his mouth shut and left it alone....
Anyway...we only live 2 blocks from the bar so Melvin stumbled down to our house and had us call the cops. After I called the cops, he told me that my brother was the one who did it. I was pissed. I had just called the cops on my own brother for defending himself. Anyway - Melvin is fine. He's just banged up. But that was a lovely end to my already shitty birthday.
Yesterday was equally awful for different reasons. I'm glad the weekend is over.
I don't even feel like talking about the rest of it.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had such a bad weekend. I know everything seems dark and probably hopeless right now but things will get better and be better in the long run. Stay strong, you can do this!!!!

mrsNo said...

Just remember, love. Your life is about to get a lot better :)