Monday, October 29, 2007


Divorce is such a hard thing to grasp. I know I'm having a really hard time with it at least. I'm currently reading a book called "Mom's House, Dad's House". The name of the author has escaped me and the book is at home. Anyway - it gives suggestions on better ways to deal with divorce and kids bouncing back and forth between two homes. It made me really sad. I should be used to this considering that Katelyn has been going between my house and Brian's house for 3 years. But now I have to do it again, with another man, another child. I feel like a failure as a mother and a wife.

I know that it's not entirely my fault that our marriage is ending. After all, he is the one that strayed and that is what started this mess I call my marriage. It's still just really sad for me. At one point in time, I was deeply in love with Luke. I was thankful to have him in my life. Things changed. He changed. And the hard part is that now he's really trying to be the husband I deserve and I want no part of it.


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