Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Work Stuff.

Everyone has been asking how my new job is going. I haven't had the energy to write out a long entry so I'm just going to share an email I got this morning. This pretty much sums up what is going on at work. Things are going REALLY well. I'm working my ass off and I've been praying that it would show and that my boss would see that I know the product and work hard. This email is from my mentor (Jeff). He's our top salesman and he is working with my boss (Kate) to train me.


Yesterday's training was awesome! You really impressed me with your will to learn and try new things. I know cold calling is not fun. That's why we're trying to change things up a bit. I'm not expecting you to get a prospect list, make some calls and get appts right away. That's not the point of this. This is not telemarketing. This is personal marketing. Getting the answers. Asking the right questions so that we can talk to the decision maker rather than just a secretary.
Between you, Keelyn, and myself - we called a total of 26 prospects in the BDT Pipeline. Of those 26 we got 12 appts. That is amazing. What's even more amazing is that 9 of those were yours! We knew when you got hired on that you had the knack for sales, but I'm astonished at how great you are doing in your first month here.

Next week, you and I will be going together on some sales calls that you set up. Those will be your personal relationships. From there, you will be getting partial comission on top of your current pay. Once you go to outside sales completely, you'll own those accounts and you'll make full comission. What you bring in, you keep. You can make a lot of money and have a lot of fun with this. It may be 6 months to a year before you go completely to outside sales but I really think that appointment setting and personal marketing to get those appointments over the phone will really help you learn what your sales strategy is. Everyone has a different style. Hang in there. I know being in the office most of the time isn't as much fun as being outside...but that will come in time. So far you have truly proven your abilities and Kate is really impressed. We had a meeting late yesterday and I bragged on you and made sure she knew that you are moving forward in your training and really working hard.

I am thrilled with the Business Development Team. I really think that you and Keelyn are going to kick some ass. We needed young people to come in and change things up. Some of the salespeople that have been here for years...they are happy with the accounts they've got. They don't care about going out and finding new business. That is where you will excel.

Keep on keepin on! You're doing great!

Jeff S.

So...that gives you the basic idea of how it's going. Work is amazing. I absolutely love my job. Love the business development team. We have a great team and I'm learning from the best. The pay is fantastic. I am just really happy here :)

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